Friday, June 27, 2008

When Technology Attacks

Podcasting sucks - Ugh! Once again technology bites me in the ass. Thursday night I finished a 3-part podcast with Achievement Junkie's Natalie Sousa. It was good, everything went well and we had a nice conversation on a wide variety of topics. I was pretty pleased. Then I loaded things up and only about half the recorded time ended up being downloaded. I have no damn idea what the problem is. Was it the mp3 recorder? Is it the webhost (podbean)? I have no clue but I'm pissed. What's the frickin' point of doing a podcast if it doesn't work?!?
In better news, on I've been working on a new segment on called the Arcade Game Developer Questionnaire. Its where I ask questions of developers who create downloadable games. Earlier in the week I interviewed Denis Bourdain of Load Inc (Mad Tracks, Things on Wheels) and recently I put up a post with Scott March of SpiderMonk. Check'em out when you get a chance.

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