Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Coldplay on Guitar Hero III? Oh yeah!

Eli will be overjoyed - I wasn't planning on putting up another post until Thursday, when I was going to give my Bourne Conspiracy first impressions, but then I read this. According to a post on hollywoodinsider.com a few days ago, Coldplay will be in Guitar Hero III. You read that right, COLDPLAY. You might have seen the band sing their new song Viva La Vida at the MTV movie awards a couple of days ago (but more likely you didn't because winning an MTV movie award is the equivalent of winning a Dundie...scratch that, I'd rather win a Dundie). The bands new album comes out in a few weeks and as part of their promotion the song Violet Hill will be available as a download on Guitar Hero III.
Personally I'm a huge Coldplay fan (and I've taken a ton of crap for it but that's cool...haters) but since I don't own GH III anymore I could care less about the news. But even if Coldplay was coming out on Rock Band I wouldn't be that excited. I'd certainly buy it but I'm not sure how their style of music fits into these kind of games. I'd rather have music from my all-time favorite band, The Beatles, but it'll be a cold day in Phoenix when that happens. Still, the release of Coldplay music on GHIII is an interesting experiment. If gamers are willing to buy Coldplay songs, will they be willing to buy other songs that don't quite fit the rockin' genre of Guitar Hero and Rock Band? What about hip hop? Rap? Country? Showtunes? What about Peter Griffin's man-crush Barry Manilow? Sales of Violet Hill could lead to some interesting results. In the meantime, enjoy jammin' to Coldplay Eli.

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Eli the Mad (Beer) Man said...

WTF?! Coldplay actually uses guitars? I thought they "played" with a bunch of flutes, violins, and synthesizers!

And WTH is up with that picture? Looks like a damn Hallmark card! "Wish you were here! Love... the Boys of October Road."