Monday, June 02, 2008

Podcast Podshmast

Where's the technical manual? - I thought I had it all figured out. After looking all over the internet for free podcast hosting I found what I was looking for, or so I thought. Its been almost a year since the last coloradojoe podcast ended due to technical difficulties (stupid Odeo). I've been working on trying to get the podcast up and running but after trying a number of different free sites (podbean, gabcast, my podcast recorder, odeo again) I ended up with nothing. My brother came down to visit this weekend and we recorded a short 30-minute podcast using the Mymp3 recorder, which works fine.
I felt pretty good about what we recorded. Phil and I discussed the Michael Hollick situation, GTA IV, Metal Gear Solid and threw in a little NBA Finals just for kicks. It was a lot of fun and I was looking forward to getting back into the routine of doing a weekly podcast. The problem was that none of the free hosts listed above would load it up. Its infuriating as hell. Maybe I don't have a good enough computer, maybe I'm not as technically savvy as I thought, I have no clue what's going wrong. I'm tempted to use a pay site and I'm willing to pay a small monthly amount, but I'm concerned I'm just going to end up having the same problems anyway. If anyone has any tips on how I can get the coloradojoe podcast up and running, let me know. Otherwise the podcast is as dead as Britney Spears career.

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