Tuesday, June 17, 2008

GamePro Arcade Launches

I'm looking for a few good writers - Well, I can finally let the cat out its proverbial bag. I've been hinting for months about something I've been involved with but couldn't really discuss because it was ready yet, but it is now. GamePro's new arcade gaming website has just launched and I'm proud to say I'm heavily involved. GamePro Arcade is a satellite site for GamePro.com that covers arcade and casual games, features op-ed pieces, top 5/10 lists and anything else that relates to casual/downloadable games. Its a great place to go for Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Wii, and mobile arcade gaming coverage.
Running this site is going to be a blast but a ton of work, here's where you come in. I'm searching for a few good writers. I'm on the lookout for 2-3 consistent, solid contributors to the site. If you're looking for some experience and a foot in the door to the gaming journalism industry, send me an email. The bad news is that I can't really pay you anything but a free game and maybe some gaming schwag here and there, my budget is pretty small. But again, its a great way to get some experience and some exposure.
Check out the site when you get a chance and if you're interested in working with me, my email address is below.


FrostyMelon said...

I could probably help out...I've not put together a ton of reviews since I ran my comp. hardware/software site, but have helped some folks out to hit deadlines or 'freelance' for them when needed.

Terry Terrones said...

Send me an email and lets talk about this