Monday, January 01, 2007

2006 Year in Review

As we say hello to what should be an exciting 2007 ( Wii's and PS3's actually being available) lets look back at 2006.
What a great year for gaming! The Xbox 360 has come into its own and has given Bill Gates exactly what he wanted, a good head start over Sony and Nintendo. All of the next-gen consoles are out now (Should we call them current-gen consoles now? If so, what do we call the PS2 and Xbox? Junk?) so the console wars have officially begun. Throw in the incredible popularity of handheld (well, at least the DS) and PC games into the mix and gamers are now in a world that is finally starting to recognize video games as a main stream form of entertainment. Gaming is getting some long overdue respect.
Below I've listed my Top 5 favorite and least favorite games from 2006 and also my most anticipated games for 2007. If you read my weekly gaming article, you've probably seen these already but after reviewing them I decided I liked what I picked (I should mention that Zelda on the Wii is a very close #6 fav game). I'm always looking for some feedback, so if you agree with my list or feel I left something out let me hear it.
Lamest Games of 2006
1. The Outfit - Proof that the WWII shooter is near its end.
2. Yakuza - Yakuza is "craptacular" in Japanese.
3. The Da Vinci Code - Even worse than Tom Hanks hair in the movie.
4. Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run - Drive, don't run away from this game.
5. MLB Slugfest - Major League Baseball doesn't want its players on steroids, so don't put its video game on steroids.
(Dishonorable Mention: Those games from Burger King)
Best Games of 2006
1. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Huge world, engrossing game play and the voice of Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter) ?!? The most fun I've had gaming in 2 years.
2. Call of Duty 3 - I loved the new innovations made to this years title and the online play is a blast.
3. Gears of War - Just about lived up to the hype designer Cliffy B was spewing for months.
4. Guitar Hero II - Great title that should only get better when released on the newer consoles (think downloadable content).
5. Dead Rising - Are zombies ever not fun in a video game? If Capcom could somehow include zombie monkeys in DR II, it'll rank even higher.
Most Anticipated Games of 2007
1. Halo 3 – Here’s what you can expect with the release of this title: long lines, giddy gamers everywhere, cats and dogs living together and world peace.
2. Grand Theft Auto 4 – Expectations are high from one of the greatest, most innovative franchises ever and Rockstar never disappoints.
3. Metal Gear Solid 4 – A new game with Solid Snake? Count me in.
4. World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade – I’m excited about this and its only an expansion pack.
5. Star Trek Online – An MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) set in the Star Trek universe makes this Trekkie’s head spin.


Anonymous said...

PocketBike racer from BK is decent. Reminds me of mario cart. The other two are crap.

I would have put Gears #2, CoD3 at #3. Even though Gears on 'casual' goes quickly (hardcore and insane are...well, insane), and online play can get redundant (need new maps and new gameplay online), it's a beautiful game, very smooth. Graphically one of the best all year. The single player story is weak, but since it's part of a trilogy (rumor has it), they'll probably begin to piece more of the story together with each release. But, all in's a good shooter.

I would have put Rainbow 6 as a disappointment. The game play is decent, but graphically it looks as though they wanted to 'just get something out the door'. Though, it does have solid online play.


JohnX said...

There were alot of crappy games in 2006. Some simply weren't built up or hyped about because people knew they were GOING to be crap so they didn't bother to really tell anyone about them before they came out.
As far as most anticipated games of 2007, I would put Burnout 5 and Forza 2 on the list.

Terry "coloradojoe" Terrones said...

I can't take any game with the Burger King king in it seriously. Which doesn't mean I won't play it if someone gave it to me (I do love collecting achievement points after all).

I wavered on which position to put Gears and COD3 in, it was tough. But I just liked COD3 better. Maybe because I loved COD2 so much it tainted my positioning for its sequel a little.

I haven't played Rainbox 6 yet (I have no contacts at Ubisoft) but after Frosty's assessment I'll probably avoid it.

I agree with John, there have been a lot of duds out this year. I'd say a 1:3 good game to dud ratio.

By the way, I'd also like to add Crackdown and Lost Planet to my most anticipated games of 2007 list.