Saturday, February 02, 2008

Chessmaster Live and Rez HD Achievements

Finally, some great XBLA games - While its great that new games come out for Xbox Live Arcade every week, excellent releases have been pretty rare lately. Thankfully, this past Wednesday gamers were given not one, but two must have games - Chessmaster Live and Rez HD, both selling for 800MS points ($10). I'm only an average chess player, but I love to play. If you're even remotely into chess, I highly recommend it. If not, Rez HD is a blast to play and shouldn't be missed. Below are the Achievements for both games.
Rez HD
1. The Earth - Clear play mode area1 (20 points)
2. The Mars - Clear play mode area2 (20 points)
3. The Venus - Clear play mode area3 (20 points)
4. The Uranus - Clear play mode area4 (20 points)
5. Eden - Clear play mode area5 (20 points)
6. The Forgotten - Get a local ranking of 1st in lost area (15 points)
7. Laser Assassin - Shot down over 95% in areas1-5 (15 points)
8. The Rezident - Achieve 100% shot down and support item in areas1-5, or play for over 10 hours (15 points)
9. Trance Hacker - Clear direct assault (trance) 15 points
10. Firewall Buster - Get a local ranking of 1st in boss rush (15 points)
11. Power Breaker - Clear score attack over 30 times (10 points)
12. Ultimate Cracker- Get a local ranking of 1st in all 5 areas in score attack (15 points)
Chessmaster Live
1. Annihilator - Capture all your opponent's pieces in Classic Chess (Single Player) 10 points
2. Apprentice - Win 1 game (Single Player) 5 points
3. Blitzkrieger - Win 1 game (Single Player) in less than 5 minutes (personal time) 20 points
4. Champ - Defeat a chess personality with an ELO rating of 1000 or more (25 points)
5. Chess Regular - Play 20 online games (10 points)
6. Glorious - Achieve an online rating of 1200 in any type of chess (15 points)
7. Grand Strategist - Complete 30 puzzles. (20 points)
8. Jack of all Trades - Win 1 online game in all chess variants (15 points)
9. Master - Win 20 games (Single Player) 25 points
10. Pro Player - Win 10 ranked online games (25 points)
11. Rising Star - Win online against a higher ranked player (15 points)
12. Veteran - Play 100 games (Single Player) 15 points

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