Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Metal Gear Solid IV release date

The hoodrat gets a makeover - All sorts of good news for PlayStation 3 owners today. Metal Gear Solid 4 officially has a release date, June 12. But wait, there's more! In April there's going to be a Metal Gear 4 online beta. Details for the beta aren't known yet but I do know MGS 4's online service is a seperate feature of the game, meaning gamers will have to buy a second disc. This sucks but not many fans of the franchise (its my second all-time favorite right after GTA) will pass up the chance to play online with Snake.
But wait, there's even more. The long awaited Dual Shock 3 will be released April 15th for $54.99. Now I can finally get rid of that crappy lightweight controller my unit came with. In even more news from Sony, a PS3/Metal Gear IV bundle will be available this year, probably right around the launch date for the game. Besides coming with Metal Gear, the package will include 80G console and one Dual Shock 3 controller. It'll sell for $499, pretty nice. If that's not enough, rumor has it that the PlayStation store is getting a major overhaul in April.
I guess the hoodrat actually read the letter I wrote her because this makeover sure is making me stand up and take notice...for the moment.

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