Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Press Release Tuesday

Chokin' on a splinter - A deluge of emails today with some good news and some news that could only make Rich Uncle Pennybags happy.
- Mass Effect is coming to the PC in May. So much for it being a console exclusive for the Xbox 360. At least PC gamers (I guess this means you Eli since you're the only PC gamer I know) should be happy with this news, its a great title. But does this mean we could see some hot side boob action on the PS3 in the future? You never know.
- Today EA announced its release date for its long awaited title Spore. The game, created by well known game designer and The Simpson's Game cameo actor Will "The Sims" Wright, will be available September 7 for the PC, Mac and DS. Everything I've seen of this game looks amazing.
- The monopoly continues as EA has renewed its exclusive agreement with the NFL through the 2012 season (see I told you there was an Uncle Pennybags connection here). This means gamers will be listening to 96-year old John Madden for another 4 years! The announcement isn't really a surprise but I don't see how this is good news for gamers. Since 2K has been ousted from adding any kind of competition to the pro football market, the Madden series has gotten pretty stale. Sure its a huge seller and gamers can always count on it being a good game, but without anyone to push the Madden team the innovation has really been lacking. To be perfectly honest, I get pretty bored with the game about 2 months after I pick it up. Maybe its time I took out the old electric football set out from under my bed, dusted it off and played with it instead.
- Tired of the 11-month long football season? So am I and thankfully 2K has some new and added content for Major League Baseball 2K8 coming out for the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PS2, and PSP on March 4th. Check them out below, straight from the horses mouth because I'm too lazy to paraphrase.
Total Pitch Control – A new, innovative pitching interface that allows players to emulate the realistic motion of pitching a live baseball. Execution of speed and precise accuracy involves matching specific gestures and release with the right analog stick, simulating the arm and wrist action involved in throwing that particular type of pitch.
Swing Stick 2.0 – Improved batting controls that offer players unparalleled ball-to-bat contact that will be determined by timing, direction, and pitch location for a greater variety of realistic hits including grounders, blooper singles, dribblers, gappers, long home runs, and more using the right analog stick.
All-New Baserunning – Simplified controls that allow fans to easily select players with the left analog stick and guide them toward specified bases with ease.
Full Minor Leagues – Fans will be treated to 90 authentic minor league teams, along with 18 minor league stadiums in franchise and exhibition modes.
Two of the Best Commentators in the Business – 2K Sports proudly brings back to the broadcast booth the popular duo of Jon Miller and Hall of Famer Joe Morgan, delivering the most entertaining and deepest commentary available in any baseball franchise.
And finally - I was pretty stoked about my SOE Denver studio tour, it was set for this week, but its been moved to next month. Damn! I guess this leaves me a little time to work on the As the Gaming World Turns First Annual Beerfest (ATGWTFAB for short). I know there were some ideas floating around but because of my short term memory problems I forgot what they were. So if you're interested in attending, throw out your ideas and lets get this baby planned out.

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