Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Mole - You want me to pay how much for a PS3?

Brother can you spare 73,500 dimes? - Bust open that piggy bank, cash in those savings bonds and check your sofa for loose change - the PS3 is going to set you back, alot.

According to reports released by a radio interview on French radio station Europe 1, Sony Computer Entertainment France (that's right we're getting breaking gaming news from the French) and VP of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's George Fornay said that the PlayStation 3 would retail in Europe in the range of €499 to €599.

This adds up to be between $611 to $735 in US dollars. Read that again $611 - $735. While there hasn't been any confirmation on the U.S. retail price, the price points between Europe and the States are usually very similar. Hopefully we'll find out more at E3 next month.

Gentlemen, start your Xbox 360's - Would you like to visit the Lamborghini factory in Italy? All you have to do is win the Xbox Live Project Gotham Racing 3 online tournament. Registration is open now and competition starts April 17th. The tournament final is at the Lamborghini factory in Sant' Agata Bolognese, Italy. To sign up, go to

Doctor, do you have a cure for my Achievement Addiction? - If you're one of those Xbox 360 nuts who works hard for those beautiful, ego inflating achievement points in 360 games (I'm not bragging but I have over 5000), I have good news for you. The website was made for you. This site offers a complete list of 360 games and the achievements for each one.

Mario fans rejoice! - Nintendo finally announced a release date for The New Super Mario Bros on the DS. Put on your red hat and trim your mustache, make sure you're in front of your favorite gaming store May 16th.

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