Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Mole: Pikachu hits double digits

Pikachu turns 10 - Much like Barney before him and The Wiggles now, Pikachu (that annoying Pokemon that blasted lightning and repeated his name over and over) was at one time the most annoying kids obsession on the planet. Pokemon recently turned 10 years old?!? I felt about 60 after finding that out. The Pokemon franchise, currently worth $25 billion, proves that sometimes really dumb ideas can make money.

So long Playstation One - Sony has finally yanked the cord on PlayStation One production. The console was originally launched in Japan in December 1994, selling more than 100 million units worldwide. Personally, I'm amazed these were still being made. And who was buying them?

PSP movie sales stink - Before you rush out and buy "Big Mommas House 2" for your PSP, you might want to know that the future of UMD movies looks bleak. According to an article in the "Hollywood Reporter", UMD movie sales are so poor, many companies (Universal and Paramount included) are getting out of the UMD business.

Evidently the gamers purchasing the PSP are looking at it as only a gaming system, not something to watch movies on. How will this effect the future of the PSP? It's possible future PSP models will be enabled with TV connectivity or possibly even Blu-ray discs. We'll have to wait and see.

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