Saturday, April 01, 2006

Leave the guns, take the cheats

Here are the most recent cheats I could get my hands on.

The Godfather - PC
Go to the Pause Menu (by pressing ESC) and, using the keyboard, type:
corleone - Full Health
stracci - Full Ammo
cuneo - $5000
tattaglia - Unlock Movies

The Godfather - PS2
Enter while game is paused.
Circle Square Circle Square Square L3 - Unlocks all movies
square,circle,square,square,circle,L3 - $5,000
circle,left,circle,right,square,R3 - Full Ammo
left,square,right,circle,right,L3 - Full Health

The Godfather - Xbox
In the menu screen where you can click on viewing the "Movies" enter the following codes
Y,X,Y,X,X Click Left Analog Stick - Unlocks All Movies
left, x, right, y, right, click left analog stick - Full health
Y, left, y, right, x, click right analog stick - Full ammo
X,Y,X,X,Y, click left analog stick - $5000

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter - Xbox 360
Press start during the game and while on the pause menu hold the back button, Left Trigger, and Right trigger and enter the password.
LB, LB, RB, X, RB, Y - Put your life at 100%
RB, RB, LB, X, LB, Y - Unlimited Ammo
X, X, Y, RB, Y, LB - Team Invincible
Y, Y, X, RB, X, LB - Scott Mitchell Invincible
Y, RB, Y, RB, X (Input on the Mission Select Screen) - All Levels

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