Sunday, April 06, 2008

Portal on the Cheap

Got a spare $10 in your wallet? - The best value in gaming, The Orange Box, came out late last year but if you didn't get into it now is a good least for PC gamers. Starting this Wednesday the titles that make up The Orange Box are being sold individually. The best deal in the bunch is Portal, which you can pick up for a limited time for only $10 this week. Even though I already own the game on the Xbox 360, I'll probably nab it just to play on my laptop when I'm on the road. Its that good. There are certain titles every gamer should own and this is one of them.
Stephen King on gaming - I found a post about this on Kotaku today but it doesn't do Stevo's take justice. While he's not a gamer himself, Mr. King makes some salient points on the view politicians take when they get their panties in a snit about violent games. Click here for the full transcript of his article in Entertainment Weekly.

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