Friday, April 25, 2008

Madden NFL 09 Cover Art

The End of the Madden Curse? - With Brett Favre retired and chosen to be the new cover boy for Madden '09, I guess the Madden curse has officially ended. Unless Favre somehow breaks his leg at a driving range or slips on some spilled milk in the grocery isle. A Vicodin relapse wouldn't be bad either. Think of the headlines! Which reminds me, have I ever told you how much I hate Brett Favre?
I absolutely can't stand Favre. First of all John Madden has had his tongue so far up Favre's ass for so long he can probably tell you what he eats for breakfast every morning. Back in Brett's heyday my brother and I were watching a Packers game on Thanksgiving and Madden said Favre's name about 1,343 times in 60 seconds. He was the most overhyped, overrated QB in the history of the NFL. Sure he has a bunch of records and yes his record of consecutive starts is impressive but no one has gotten more love for being a good (not great) quarterback than Brett Favre. Announcers love him and pre-game show hosts canonized him before he even retired, despite the fact that he's been an average passer for the past 10 years.
Despite my loathing of Favre, I'm all for Madden using Hall of Fame type former players for covers. First off, it would end this ever annoying Madden curse. Second of all, it would link Madden to players of the past. The NFL has an amazing history, why not get its best players involved and reward them for their past achievements. This is much better than putting someone yet to prove themselves over time (Vince Young, Daunte Culpepper) on the cover.

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Anonymous said...

Totally agree on Favre. I don't remember Marino or Elway throwing 6 intercpetions in a playoff game before. Favre also benefited from playing a terrible division his entire career and was great at bashing horrible teams and coaching that passed 3/4 of the time from inside the 5 (inflated td totals). The good news is that his records (except for maybe the starts streak) will all be passed not only by Manning but at least Brady as well.

As for putting retired players on the cover I think it's long overdue. Think about all the great players they can choose from- Elway, Marino, Unitas, Jerry Rice, Mike Singletary, Maurice Clarett...ok maybe not the last one but you get the point. besides u know those old timers would love being in the spot light another 2 weeks.