Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Gamer's Must Do List

Lists are great conversation starters - Here's the link to a great piece on the Game Informer website entitled The Gamer's "Do Before Death, Marriage or Kids" List. The 150 item list is seperated into two different parts and even comes with a handy dandy PDF checklist. After printing out the list and looking it over I could only check off 79 items! Needless to say I was a little disappointed I didn't have a higher number but some of the things on the list are absolute musts (beating Psycho Mantis #77), some I'm not interested in (anything with Final Fantasy), others are impossible (#146 convert your significant other into a gamer) and some are just plain nuts (import some video game element into your wedding #61). Some of my favorites on the list that I've done myself?
#68 Falling asleep while playing a game
#42 Spend over $100 on a special edition game
#7 Save a hapless parent from making a tragic video gaming error at a store
#137 As an adult buy a game based toy
Lists like this are fun to discuss because you know that some items that should be on it are left off. I'd add attending a video game convention and working at a place that sells games just to get a discount to the list. And since this is a "must do" list there are certain games - Madden, Cyberball, Sunset Riders, Mass Effect - that should be getting some love.
So what do you think of this list? How many have you done? What do you think should be on it? Let me know.

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