Thursday, December 27, 2007

GTA IV in March?

Just in time for my birthday - I wasn't planning on posting anything until after the new year but after I saw this reservation card in Target today I couldn't help myself. Me and the boy were walking around enjoying our post-Christmas time off. While he was picking up an iTunes gift card, I naturally wandered over to the game section. I saw this reservation card in the 360 and PS3 sections (ooh, it also comes with a free console wrap with purchase!). The date was a little surprising, everything I've heard up to this point was leading to an April release. I am now even more excited about this upcoming March which besides containing my birthday, spring break and the fun of gambling in the NCAA tournament will now include a 24-hour GTA IV marathon.
Other Random Crap - If you haven't tried out a wireless headset yet because you weren't really into paying out $100 or more for it, I have some good news. Yesterday I picked up a fine pair at Radio Shack that was on sale for $30. They're the store brand, currently $10 off and work great. I can't believe I went this long without a set. I can now hear every single background noise that I've been missing because I couldn't always blast the volume. I guess the sound of explosions and rifle fire at 3am wakes people up and makes them grumpy bears. But now I can turn the volume up to 11! Of course in 10 years I'll be as deaf as Pete Townsend but at least my wife is happy...I recently reacquired Crackdown. If anyone is interested in playing some co-op let me know, I still haven't earned the co-op Achievements yet.

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