Thursday, January 24, 2008

I love the 80's

Girl can't help it - Okay, that's not a girl. That's former Journey frontman Steve Perry, the lead singer of the real Journey. Not that crappy version of the band that goes around stealing people's money with some guy who sounds an awful lot like Steve Perry. Or maybe its a picture of my sister-in-law, they have the exact same haircut and look quite similar.
Steve-O's photo is gracing the blog because Journey, along with Boston and Foreigner, are part of the Classic Rock Track Pack that's available to download for Guitar Hero III starting today. The songs included are Boston's "Peace of Mind," Foreigners "Juke Box Hero" and Journey's "Any Way You Want It." Normally I'd be pretty stoked about this download as I'm a fan of all three bands (my son and I saw Foreigner with Styx and Def Lepard at a concert last summer) but because the tracks are on GHIII and not the far superior Rock Band, I'll pass.
Are you sure you don't mean March? - In late December I wrote a post on the possibility of a March release date for Grand Theft Auto IV. I based this conclusion on hours of research and hundreds on interviews with Rockstar employees. Or maybe I just based that hypothesis on a GTA IV reservation card I saw at Target that had the date 3/2008 on it, I don't remember. Either way, my data was incorrect. Just to make my blog look inaccurate (not that hard to do) and to torture me, Rockstar head Sam Houser officially pushed the release date back to April 29th. Damn! I'd like to personally thank Sony for making me wait longer than I should for the next installment of my all-time favorite series.
Updated 1/27/08 - Jordache vs. Calvin Klein, you decide. If you're confused, check the comments.


Andrea said...

What?? You mean Steve Perry's (who's quite pretty by the way) song "Oh, Sherrie" from his solo album isn't on there?? Now that song rocks!

FrostyMelon said...

I think Terry just has a thing for guys in Jordache jeans :)

Terry "coloradojoe" Terrones said...

I prefer Brooke Shields in a pair of Calvin Kleins.

Ub3rn00b said...

I prefer CKs. I said "CKs" because I'm hip and you guys are old and you just don't know how to roll like me.
The CKs that I own are so soft and silky and chicks tend to hit on me when I'm wearing them. They're like "hi Calvin". And I'm like "Calvin? Why do you keep calling me Calvin?" and they go "That is you're name isn't it? It's written on your pants." And i'm like "actually, people call me John." And they go "Nice to meet you, John Klein".