Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Get points instead of Undertow?

Call India toll free! - While checking out Kotaku today I noticed this post about the recent Undertow freebie download. If you've already paid for the game, you have a half way decent chance of calling Microsoft (1-800-4MYXBOX) and asking if you can get the 800 points instead. As with any call center number you dial, your success rate is directly proportional to the kind of person who answers and how well they speak English.
But what about angry gamers who didn't buy Undertow and would rather have the points instead? I guess if you're willing to try and sweet talk someone from a foreign country who's probably paid 25 cents an hour and could easily pretend not to understand a word you're saying and will "accidentally" hang up on you when you start getting feisty, its worth the $10 you'd get for the effort. And if that's the case, you're probably like that kid in Better Off Dead who relentlessly harasses John Cusack about the $2 he owed him for his newspaper deliveries. Just step away from the phone and take the free download.


FrostyMelon said...

Whew...Undertow...lol...what a turd. This game should have been free, period.

Ub3rn00b said...

they should make Painkiller a free xbox original for download since they aren't ever going to allow me to play the real version on the 360.