Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hulk Smash!

Lame Hulk or Badass Hulk? - As a comic nerd and Marvel fan I was bummed by the last Hulk flick, which was a complete bust. Eric Bana was a boring Bruce Banner, Nick Nolte was over the top to the point of distraction and Jennifer Connelly officially reached "Didn't she used to be hot?" status. The only way anyone thinks this movie is any good is if you've watched it over and over on cable the past couple of years and talked yourself into thinking it was an okay film, kind of like what my brother and I did with Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. I do have high hopes for the new Hulk film, this time starring Ed Norton and Liv Tyler.
The Hulk games that accompanied the last film were a bit of a disappointment as well so SEGA, taking over for VU and Radical, has a good chance of making an enjoyable title this time around (based on its history gamers are sure to have low expectations). Above is the promotional box artwork for the multi-platform release due out sometime close to the same time as the movie, which is tentatively scheduled for mid-June this year. I know its sexy and a visual feast, the very definition of eye candy, but don't let all of that color and detail distract you from what's really important. Just hope the new movie and game treat The Hulk with the respect he deserves.


Ub3rn00b said...

The main reason that I hated the last series of Hulk games was that my girlfriend's son, 5 at the time, loved the game but there were parts, like matching up characters to unlock things, that he wasn't so good at. So every 2 minutes he was bothering me to help him. Of course, it's the same with just about any video game for him. I actually play the game for him. He just runs around the game aimlessly until he figures out what needs to be done and then tells me to do it. I'm like a video game slave really. I do all the work while he takes all the reward. Oh...and Ed Norton rox...didn't expect him to get the part, but I'm not a hollywood executive so I don't make those sorts of decisions. I hope they do a better job on the CGI hulk.

Eli the Mad (Beer) Man said...

Me like Ang Hulk. Can't spell "anger" without Ang. And Hulk without anger like Patriots without videotape. WIMPY! But me like new Hulk more. Connelly hot, but Liv hotter.