Monday, June 04, 2007

Paradise Found

Beauty has a name and her name is...Cyberball - Long ago 80's rock band Survivor once sang, the search is over, and it is, sort of. I have found my Excalibur, my Fountain of Youth and my Holy Grail, sort of. I have found "Cyberball", sort of. After receiving an email and a message on Xbox Live Arcade from two different gamers reminding me to fight the good fight and keep bugging game developers for the release of the greatest robots-playing-football video game of all time, my determination was renewed. I emailed my contact at Atari, the publisher of "Cyberball", demanding a response. I then went to the new release board to find out when the expected release date was and found to no surprise those dreaded letters, TBA. Then I noticed something I hadn't before. Instead of seeing Atari as the publisher, I saw the company creating the XLA version of "Cyberball" was Midway. I have no idea why this was but I didn't care, my faith was restored! I was going to be meeting with Midway reps at E3. I figured I'd just hold one of them hostage until they released "Cyberball" on Arcade and the world would rejoice!
Then, on a whim, I took a peek at the Midway website, figuring I might be able to find some info on the 360 Arcade release. I saw nothing. I did see the Classic Game Web Arcade at the bottom and decided to look around. There was "Joust" and "Root Beer Tapper" (already on XLA) and a few other games but no "Cyberball". Then I scrolled down and saw that Midway had released three volumes of classic arcade titles available on the Gamecube, PS2 and Xbox. What would it hurt to take a look? I checked out Volume 1 and found "Defender", "Rampage", "Joust" and a few others. I looked at Volume 3 and found "Super Off Road" (another arcade classic and must own) and "Hydro Thunder". Finally, I opened up Volume 2 and after scanning through "Mortal Kombat II and 3" and "Primal Rage" found what my eyes had longed to see - "CYBERBALL 2072"!!! Shazam!!! At long last it would be mine! Oh, would be mine. This game was released in October of 2004?!? How did I miss this!?!?
I immediately called my buddy Fritz at GameCrazy and they were out. I called GameStop and they had 2! I had them hold it and for $12 I made my best gaming purchase of the year. Sure its not on Xbox Live Arcade and I won't be getting any Achievement Points (well, not until it comes out on XLA) or playing against other gamers online but at least now I have a reason to turn on my PS3. And, as my buddy Dieter used to say, I'm as happy as a little girl. These are the days when gaming almost brings a tear to my eye, sort of.
Other stuff - Coming up Wednesday, a review of "Shadowrun" for the Xbox 360 and PC gamers with Windows Vista...coming up Friday, a look at, the Xbox Live Arcade for PC gamers...the latest coloradojoe podcast is available on iTunes and on this website. If you'd like to contribute to a podcast mailbag, send your questions or comments to


Eli the Mad Man said...

Hey, I'm doing a review of Shadowrun right this very moment. It'll be up on on Friday.

Since you got it, let's try to hook up in the next few days. PC vs. Console. Caged match... for all the marbles! ;)

Anonymous said...

...ok. :)

We have a group that plays nightly, would love to have you join. What's your GT?


Eli the Mad Man said...

Got your invite last night, Frosty! Sorry I wasn't able to hop in... I had a crap load going on. Between trying to finish up the last bit of my review (which I just turned in a few mins ago), dealing with the 60 MPH winds at the house that literally pushed my big ass gas grill ACROSS THE DECK, and my 3-year old Malamute once again going ballistic (we live in a woody area replete with a herd of deer, dozens of fox and now 2 coyotes - all we're missing is a damn road runner)... I was "busy." ;)

I'll be getting a copy of Halo 2 here in the next few days, so maybe we can all hook up soon in one of them!

Ub3rn00b said...

I looked through my XBOX games and come to find out, I do actually have Volume 2. I wanted 3 because I think that's the one with San Fran Rush and some other games I was interested in. Anyway, yeah...Cyberball 2072 or whatever is there. Funny that I've never noticed.
In other news, my 9 month long review of MotoGP 06 is done.