Monday, June 11, 2007

The Mole: John Elway Returns

The Duke of Denver - Johnny boy is back, this time on the cover of "All-Pro Football 2K8" joined by Barry Sanders and "Dancing with the Stars" and 49ers Hall of Famer Jerry Rice. I've seen some screenshots of this game and I certainly am intrigued. Will it fly without the NFL license? Only time will tell, but seeing a 30ish looking John Elway in a video game is something I'll have to check out. While we wait for its release, here is a partial list of some of the licensed tracks in the game.
1. "All-Pro Intro"
2. "Something Different" featuring Chali 2Na & Keno 1
3. "Sudden Death" featuring DJ Faust
4. "Let the Rhythm Hit ‘Em 2007" featuring Rakim & Chevelle
5. "Doin' It Like This" featuring Clutch
6. "Automatic At It" featuring Aceyalone
7. "Go Hard" featuring Gift of Gab & Dub Trio
8. "On My Side" featuring Lateef & Slug
9. "I Don’t Need This Trouble" featuring Natural Self
10. "Sure Shot" featuring Casual & Pep Love
11. "Rock, Shock, Break" featuring Backyard Bangers
12. "Locked and Loaded" featuring Deftones & Dead Prez
13. "Tom Sawyer (Z-Trip Remix)" – Rush
Dance card filling up - E3 is getting ever closer and I'm starting to feel more and more like a speed dater. I've been hit on by Microsoft, Sony, Majesco, Midway, Bethesda, Eidos and Codemasters and like a shameless hussy said yes to all of them. While this certainly will make me busy (when will I fit in a trip to Universal Studios?) I'm excited to see the new releases and pass on everything I find on this blog. Look for news and updates every day during E3 next month.
And finally - Ubisoft announced late last week that "Assassin's Creed" - to be released on the 360, Ps3 and PC - will be released this November...if you're interested in contributing to the coloradojoe podcast mailbag drop me an email at normally I don't cover TV here but I feel obligated after watching the finale of "The Sopranos" last night. I know there's been some negative things written about it but I thought it was very good. It was very suspenseful the whole way through, we got to say good-bye to every character by seeing everyone one last time, the Phil Leotardo death was one of the most memorable ever and the during the last 5 minutes I was literally staring at the screen without blinking. The show didn't really end with the payoff everyone was hoping for, but for me, I didn't want to see Tony die or in jail because I like him (despite what a dispicable person he is). The way it ended was fitting, letting the audience imagine what happened and of course leaving the door open for a Sopranos movie. The only thing thing that disappointed me is AJ not getting clipped (not being able to get his seatbelf off when his car caught on fire would have been fine with me) because he's one of the most annoying characters in TV history.

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