Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sneek Peek: Madden '07

The King of Video Games is back! Thank goodness. After the disappointment that was NCAA 07, I'm glad the rotund Hall of Famer is around to feed my football jones.

I received the final PS2 version last week and the Xbox 360 version late this afternoon but I haven't had a chance to look at it yet (and won't for a few days) so this is all based on the Sony version. As with Test Drive Unlimited, I just can't give too much of the game away. Especially because I'll probably finish the review in time for it to be in next Friday's paper. To make it easy (for me, not you) here are the high and low points:

High Points - the new blocking feature (surprisingly cool), slightly better graphics, audible menu has been revamped, new kicking mechanic

Low Points - the in-game music still sucks (Can't they afford to get some big names? Would kill them to put some AC/DC or Outkast or something that gets you pumped up for games), the same lame lines from Madden( someone at EA needs to give the dude a new script), mini-games are few and dull

So is the game worth buying? What do you think? Its Madden for crying out loud, its a requirement, you don't really have an option. There is no better football game available for gamers. This version is pretty good and I was truly surprised by how much fun the new blocking feature is. I'm not quite sure where I'll grade it but it'll probably be pretty high. After all, its Madden and its pro football. What's not to like?

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JohnX said...

I still say the best Madden of them all is Madden '93....hehe. I didn't play another Madden game until maybe 1999 or 2000 maybe. I got my ass handed to me. I lost interest and have yet to play another Madden game. That having been said, I think I'm going to buy this one. I didn't get 06 simply because I didn't have my Xbox 360 yet and by the time I got it, everyone would have been better than me anyway. I don't like it when people are better than me... :-)