Monday, August 21, 2006

Quick Hits

A gamers dream (or nightmare) - I know what you really want, I have my finger on the pulse of local gamers'...necks. What you don't want is superior graphics, reasonably priced games or a next-gen console that will leave you bankrupt. No, what you want is to somehow, someway combine the world of reality TV with video games. The perfect marriage of mediums. Well now's your chance.

Activision has teamed up with Spike TV and Best Buy to give us the "Call of Duty 3 Challenge" (Ha! I said duty again!). The boot camp-style competition of survival and gaming will be telecast on Spike TV's Game Head (a pretty good gaming show by the way) on November 10th to coincide with the release of the COD3 video game.

Activision is hosting an online casting call at They are looking for 16...uh,em recruits...with, and I quote, "personality (borderline crazy), perserverance (obsessive compulsive disorder) and gaming skills (way too much free time)" to compete for a prize package consisting of: VIP access to the Video Game Awards, a home entertainment system from Best Buy and a trip for 2 to Normandy, France (feel free to storm the beaches if you so choose, its alot safer now).

Finalists will be flown to an unknown location to be immortalized for eternity on film September 20-22. So if you're free those days, sign up. If any local guy makes it, please let me know so I can interview you.

And finally - The Mailbag is going great...for reader John. That's right, as of right now, reader John is our only Mailbag participant. What's going on? I thought gamers were competitive? Are you going to let John just walk away with a $20 gift card? Isn't there anyone out there worthy enough to challenge him? According to Site Meter there are 130-150 people a week who visit this blog, surely somebody can take John down! (Sorry John, I have to try and give you some competition.) If you have the stones, send your gaming/non-gaming comments or questions to At least make the man work for it.

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