Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Mole: E3 News

E3 doesn't start until Monday but my sources have already been
feeding me information. Here's what I've found out.

Bada Bing! - THQ has announced a video game based on the hit HBO TV show The Sopranos, set to be released on the Xbox 360 and PS2 (not PS3) this Fall. Sopranos creator David Chase is heavily involved in creating the storyline which has gamers play as the long lost son of Big Pussy. James Gandolfini is the only member who's involvement has been confirmed but expect many other cast members voices and likenesses to be in the game.

Atari Lineup - Atari announced its lineup of games it will be showcasing at E3: Dragon Ball Z, Test Drive Unlimited, Alone in the Dark, Arthur and Minimoys. Battlezone, HOT PXL, Neverwinter Nights 2, Super DBZ and Dungeons and Dragons.

Sega Lineup - Sega announced its lineup of games as well: Chromehounds, The Club, Full Auto 2: Battlelines, Medieval II: Total War, Phantasy Star Universe, Sega Rally Revo, Sonic Rivals, Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Monkey Ball Adventure, Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz, Virtua Tennis 3, World Pool Championship 2007 and Yakuza.

Midway Lineup - Here are Midway's featured games at E3: John Woo Presents Stranglehold, Unreal Tournament 2007, Blitz: The League, Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run, Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar, Rise and Fall: Civilizations at War, Happy Feet, The Ant Bully, The Grim Adventures of Bill and Mandy, MLB Slugfest 2006, Rush, Mortal Kombat: Unchained and NBA Ballers: Rebound.

All of these games are set to be released sometime in 2006.

DS Lite Release Date - The new DS Lite - a smaller, lighter version of the DS that can literally fit in your pocket - will be released in the U.S. June 11th and will sell for about $130. The screens are exactly the same size but the new DS is considerably smaller and lighter. The new backlight system is a significant improvement and it plays all of the games the DS does.

Guitar Hero II - Seven new songs for the upcoming Guitar Hero II, out this fall, have been announced: Reverend Horton Heat - Psychobilly Freakout, KISS - Strutter, Butthole Surfers - Who Was in My Room Last Night, Van Halen - You Really Got Me, Black Sabbath - War Pigs, Rush - YYZ, Drist - Arterial Black.

Superman's Late - EA announced that the Superman Returns video game, which was supposed to be released along with the movie in June has been pushed back to fall when the DVD of Superman Returns will be in stores.

Expect more E3 updates later this week.


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