Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Now you're playing with power

Is anybody out there? - Rubbing my eyes I slowly emerge this evening from my man cave, a blissful week spent playing nothing but Halo 3. As far as I know, no other game exists. Mass Effect? GTA: IV? Years away. I have completely submerged myself into the game. Every morning I arise at 6am (after 3 hours of sleep) to shine my Master Chief helmet and prepare for the new day. Multi-player? After shaking the rust off, I'm back to my melee killing, badass self. Single-player? The story is great, and if I hadn't been playing on Live so much I would've been done by now. But Co-op is the best, playing the game on Legendary with my brother is a blast. There is still occasional lag online but its getting better. The matchmaking takes longer than it did with Halo 2, but its well worth the wait. All in all, its been a kick ass week. On to the latest news.
Eli's new controller - Microsoft does a great job of giving gamers options. There are all sorts of different console options and a myriad of accessories. Faceplates, headsets, remotes, messenger kits, smoking wireless racing wheels, it goes on and on. When it comes to controllers, aside from standard off white, black and the Todd McFarlane designed Halo 3 controllers, gamers can now get pink and blue controllers. This isn't really newsworthy but what caught me off guard was how normally named the new controllers were. If you look at Crayola crayons now, they're not called yellow or red. Yellow is Macaroni and Red is Crimson or Scarlet. Shouldn't the pink controller above be called Strawberry Milk Pink? And while I'm sure there's a market for it, who's going to buy these anyway? Is it the same people who buy those pink Jay Cutler jerseys I saw at a Bronco game a couple of weeks ago? I just don't think buying a pink controller will get my wife to game.
Random Crap - Tabula Rosa has been postponed two weeks to November 2...The prices for the November 23 release of Rock Band have been confirmed. The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions will sell for $169. Both versions will come with the game disc, drums and microphone. The 360 bundle will come with a wired Fender Stratocaster controller and a USB hub. The PS3 bundle will come with a wireless Strat and no hub. A PS2 bundle will also be available but gamers will have to wait until December 10. It will sell for $159...The voice cast for Turok was recently announced. No name actor Gregory Norman Cruz has the lead role but Powers Boothe, Timothy Olyphant (who will be starring in the video game to movie version of Hitman), Ron Perlman, Donnie Wahlberg and William Fichtner will play significant roles.

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Eli the Mad (Beer) Man said...

My new controller huh? I got your game PAD right here! ;)

BTW... it's Tabula RASA (not Rosa). Speaking of, guess who may have scored the world exclusive review? That's right baby!!