Monday, October 15, 2007

No Excuses

You want the truthiness? - Since the release of Halo 3 I've been very lazy. Not that you should blame me, the last few weeks have been awfully slow. Sure we could be talking about the rather quiet release of PGR4 and Microsoft's confounding losses (Activision buying out Bizarre, Bungie going solo, EA grabbing Bioware) despite its overwhelming Halo 3 sales but the baseball playoffs, the Broncos collapse, fantasy football, other non-gaming writing assignments and my own H3 gaming addiction have been clouding my brain. I make no excuses, I've just been lazy. Time to attempt to get out of my slump.
Conversation starters - Lets get things hopping with some topics that need to be discussed. First up, Halo 3. Click here to read a nice back and forth I had with John X (gamertag ub3rn00b) about H3, Spider-Man 3 and the cheapest movie tickets in town...At gaming journalist N'Gai Croal wrote this interesting piece about Microsoft's recent developer issues. Finally there's this article from that debates whether or not EA overpaid for BioWare/Pandemic.
I'd also be up for any NLCS/ALCS conversations, Bronco trash talk, or the chances that the Patriots could go 19-0. Sure this is a gaming blog, but I run it so why the hell not throw some other topics out there? Share what's on your mind.


Ub3rn00b said...

For the record, my gamertag is actually Ub3rn00ber. Didn't want there to be any confusion. There actually is an Ub3rn00b on XBL and he's not very nice.

Ub3rn00b said...

That's a good point about PGR4. I played the demo the day it came out. I enjoyed it and figured I would buy the game whenever it came out. Then later that same day I'm at Wal-mart and PGR4 is on the shelf. I'm like what. Sure enough, the game was released something like 5 days before the demo came out? Is that correct? The first time I've heard or read anything about PGR4 was in May's edition of XBOX Magazine. The next thing I know, the game is out. I may have seen a commercial or two. All of a sudden it's on the shelf. Ok then.
My next concern is COD 4. I've played the MP beta on the 360 and the SP demo on the PC. Right now, I'm leaning to playing the game solely on the 360 and this is coming from a long time hardcore PC gamer. Simply enough, it just has more of a console feel to me. RB6 Vegas was the same way. I play that on the console and not on the PC though I own both. I think alot of the deal is competition. With a brand new PC game, everyone that wants to compete has got to have a PC with decent specs. On a 360 game...well you just need the 360, and some skills.

Eli the Mad (Beer) Man said...

Did you hear that the movie industry is blaming Halo 3 for the downward spike (some 27%) of ticket sales? Funny stuff. Check it out at GameSpot at

Broncos suck. The Rockies are an amazing story. Even more glad I live here to see it (even though I'm not a true blue fan, still cheering for them). Cool story. Greater accomplishment.

This weekend I played demos for: Unreal Tournament 3 and Time Shift.
Haven't gotten around to the CoD4 demo yet. All I can say is - MY EYES ARE BURNING! I'm a huge Unreal fan, and UT3 is absolutely amazing. Halo? Please. THIS is the King of online shooters. ALL HAIL THE KING! Time Shift looks like it will be fun. GORGEOUS demo.

If you're into MMOs... Tabula Rasa is really fun. Launch was pushed back a few weeks, but they're on target. Oh, and the City of Heroes Halloween event is coming up in a few weeks. Always fun!

Ya know what I was thinking? Does anyone remember Bioshock? I know... it just came out (2 months ago). I'm being facetious. But remember all that hype? Does anyone remember it? It's truly amazing how short the world's attention span is (and getting worse). MORE MORE MORE. NEXT EXT NEXT. Sickening.

Ub3rn00b said...

I'm guessing most people did what I did as far as Bioshock was concerned. We said "'s something to play in the meantime until Halo 3 and Cod 4 come out."
UT3 is pretty awesome. Like UT2004, but looks like Gears of War...l33tness...