Monday, September 17, 2007

Suit up for Crysis

Finally, gaming news even Eli can enjoy - Its time to strap on your Harley helmet, nanosuit and bullet proof codpiece because the Crysis beta is almost here. The Sci-Fi, PC only, FPS is offering up a multiplayer beta prior to its November release. Gamers will get to try out "Power Struggle", a team-based, open-ended, multiplayer game mode.
In order to sign up for the beta, you have to be a FilePlanet subscriber. Over the next few weeks batches of keys will be released through FilePlanet on a regular basis so keep checking to see when beta registration is available (sorry, they didn't give an exact date). If you're interested in more information on one of the best looking PC games at this year's E3, head over to

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Eli the Mad (Beer) Man said...

I'm downloading the mega-sized beta file as I type this. Might take, ooooh... a few hours though! ;)