Friday, September 14, 2007

Money, money, money, money...MONEY!

Microsoft shows you the money - The latest NPD numbers for August are in and things are looking up for the Xbox 360. Check out these stats that are sure to make Bill Gates ask for extra cheese on his Whopper.
- Xbox 360 unit sales are up 63 percent, versus an 18 percent decline for PS3 and 5 percent decline for
- Xbox 360 outsold PS3 more than 2:1
- Xbox 360 software sales are more than PS3 and Wii software sales combined
- Madden NFL 08 on Xbox 360 outsold all other versions of the title, including the PS2 by more than 250,000 units, and PS3 by more than 560,000
- Xbox 360 held the top two titles across all next generation consoles with Madden NFL 08 at #1 and BioShock at #2
Obviously BioShock and Madden have a little to do with these numbers but lets get real, 360 unit sales up 63 frickin' percent?!? I guess Halo 3 is having a small impact.
Got game? - Think you've got Madden skills? Prove it with this years Madden Challenge. If you're good enough, maybe you can make an ass out of yourself on national TV. Seventeen different cities will be hosting events but for those of us in Colorado, you'll need to head to Denver where on September 28th at Mile High Stadium (I refuse to call it by its corporate name) you can take on other gamers on either the PS2 or 360. If you're brave enough to register, head over to

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