Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Xbox 360 News

Price drop, Halo 3 co-op mode confirmed - Video game secrets are about as well kept as details of Lindsay Lohan's drinking habits, so when rumors of an Xbox 360 price drop started swirling around the net almost a week ago, it wasn't exactly a surprise when proof started to appear. First there was a Best Buy circular scan floating around, then a Toys R Us circular. Now this Circuit City ad (courtesy of Kotaku) seems to finalize what Microsoft has been "no comment"ing on for the past few days. The new prices, seen in the above circular will go into effect August 12.
In other 360 news, Bungie has recently announced that 4-player co-op mode will be available in Halo 3 with one gamer playing as Master Chief, another as the Arbiter and the final two as Elites. This will work out quite well when I'm playing with my brother, son and whoever else we can grab online. As long as I'm the Master Chief, we won't have any problems.


FrostyMelon said...

Four player co-op is going to be fricking sweet.

Ub3rn00b said...

That reminds me. I read that Table Tennis was coming for the Wii. Sweet. I was hoping that the ping pong game in Wii Play would be a little better. It seems my prayers to the gaming god have been answered and that there will be a kick ass Table Tennis game on the wii. Fun fun fun..