Monday, July 09, 2007

Podcasting E3

Professional Drinker - Eli Shayotovich (embarrassing picture shown above), Associate Editor from, was this weeks in-studio guest on the coloradojoe podcast. Phil, Eli and myself talk about E3, the movies "Once" and "Transformers" and competitive eating. There is also another weekly trivia question where you can win a game and Eli participated in Choose Your Poison. Check it out on iTunes or listen to it on this site. The link for it is on the right.
Update - iTunes didn't like my most recent podcast. Because of some "colorful" words or phrases used in the most recent cast, the only way you'll be able to here it is at this site. If you're a regular iTunes subscriber, I offer my apologies and promise to be a little less verbose next time...My E3 schedule has changed. I've added Konami on Wednesday, which means I'll miss the Sony cocktail party. Not a problem though, because they're doing it again Thursday at the same time. I've also added Ubisoft on Thursday and I managed to secure an interview with G4TV's Morgan Webb around lunchtime on the same day. It will be a very long day as I'll be hitting Microsoft's c3@e3 event with Trixie and Major Nelson later that night. Whew! I'm tired already.

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