Wednesday, July 11, 2007

E3 Mistake No.1 and 2

This is the Barker Hanger, site for a ton of booths and the G4TV studio. It certainly doesn't look like much on the outside. I headed here this morning, my first mistake. Since I was skipping the Nintendo press conference this morning (who am I kidding, I wasn't invited) I thought I'd head here and get some hands on time with the games. Ooops. They weren't even set up yet and weren't going to be showing any games until 1pm. Then I missed the Sony press conference because I mixed up SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment America) with SOE (Sony Online Entertainment) that latter is my later appointment. Completely different animal with totally different games. Mistake #No. 2. My E3 inexperience is showing and I feel like an idiot. There's some serious make-up work to do this afternoon.

The inside of the empty Barker Hanger. This is my exclusive "before" picture.

The G4TV Barker Hanger stage.

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Ub3rn00b said...

Exclusive before picture. haha.. I like that.