Monday, October 30, 2006

Say hello to my little cheat!

Before I throw down a ton of cheats (hey its been awhile), let me make a slight correction to a previous post. Remember how I mentioned that this blog had as many updates to it as and Xbox Live Marketplace did after it was shut down for 24 hours. Well that's about to change starting tomorrow morning. Here's what 360 owners can expect to see starting tomorrow, straight from the horses mouth.

Expanded HD Display and Video Playback Options
· With 1080p resolution, gamers now have the ability to enjoy both game and video content in the best HD resolution currently available.
· Expanded video playback options increase the ways gamers can enjoy video content on Xbox 360. It is now possible to stream WMV video from a Windows PC running Windows Media Player 11 or Windows Media Connect.
· Gamers can now play video files from data CDs and DVDs, as well as from storage devices like USB 2.0 flash drives and Xbox 360 Memory Units.
· Xbox 360 will support 50hz HDTV display modes, providing viewers greater choice in how they watch DVD and HD DVD content.

Xbox Live Arcade Enhancements
· Keeping up to date on Xbox Live Arcade games is now even more convenient with the ability to automatically download newly released Xbox Live Arcade trial games. This eliminates the need to manually search for new downloads on Xbox Live Marketplace each time a new game trial is released.
· Fast enumeration of games: you’ll see the games in your Xbox Live Arcade collection appear almost instantly. Get in and play right away.
· With so many games to choose from, Xbox Live Arcade added new sorting options such as “Recently Played” and “By Category.” These enhancements make managing Xbox Live Arcade collections faster and easier than ever.
· A new expanded Friends Leaderboard within Xbox Live Arcade allows gamers to compare themselves directly against their friends and view leaderboard details of their top 10 friends.
· A new expanded Achievements View within Xbox Live Arcade lets gamers view their full Achievement details for their Xbox Live Arcade games including descriptions, icons, allotted Gamerscore and more, right from the Xbox Live Arcade dashboard interface.
· The “Play Now” launch feature has been streamlined. Selecting “Play Now” after downloading a game in Xbox Live Marketplace now bypasses Xbox Live Arcade and takes you directly to the game.
· Xbox Live Arcade now offers a “Tell a Friend” feature. Select this option from the game info screen to send any friend on your friends list a message telling them about the Xbox Live Arcade game.

XNA Support
· Amateur game designers will be able to test and play the games they create using XNA Game Studio Express on their Xbox 360 systems when it launches later this year (separate download and subscription required).

While I'm glad that Microsoft is making some improvements, none of this will affect the average gamer that much. The Xbox Live enhanncements were long overdue but the XNA support feature is intriguing. What they didn't mention was that is running at full speed. You should check out the Top 360 Tags section, tons of cool information. On to the cheats! (I apologize for the crappy format, just trying to save space)

Mortal Combat: Armageddon Cheats (PS2)
Left, Left, Circle, Up, Triangle, L2 - Unlocks Shinnok's Spire, L2, left, R1, Up, Circle, Down- Unlocks Taven, X, Square, left, triangle, square, X - Armory Music, Down, L1, Up, L1, L1, Foward - Unlocks Nitara's Second Costume, Triangle, square, left, L1, left, circle - Unlocks Blaze, Triangle, Back, Back, X, Down, Circle - Pyramid Artwork, Up, Square, Square, Circle, Circle, Up - Meat Unlocked, Circle, L1, Up, Square, Circle, Down - Red Dawn Arena, L1, Back, Up, Circle, R2, L1 - Unlocks Ed Boon Concept Art, Up, Up, Down, Up, L2, X - Promo Movie, up,up,down,up,L1,X - Armageddon Promo Movie, forward, L1, R2, down, up, L1 - Cyrax Fatality Blooper Video, R1, L1, Triangle, Down, Down, Square - Unlock Daegon, L2, Right, X, R2, Up, Up - Unlock Drahmin's Second Costume, L1, Left, Up, O, Up, L2 - Unlock Shang Tsung's Second Costume, Down, R2, R1, L1, O, L2 - Unlock Frost's Second Costume, R2, O, Square, X, O, Triangle - Unlock Falling Cliffs Arena, R1, Left, Left, Down, L1, Square - Unlock Nethership Interior Arena, R1, L1, Square, X, R2, Up - Unlock Pryamis of Argus Arena, R2, L1, Left, X, Up, R1 - Unlock Sektor's 2 handed pulse blade concept art, R2, Triangle, R1, Up, X, X - Unlock General Reiko's map room arena, Up, Square, R1, L2, O, L1 - Unlock Firewall Arena concept art, L2, Left, O, X, R2, Right - Unlock Lin Kuei Palace Tune, Up, O, L1, R1, R1, X - Unlock Tekunin Warship Tune, Down, Left, R2, L2, Up, L1 - Unlock Pyramid of Argus Tune, O, R2, Triangle, Down, O, Left - Unlock Concept art for unused trap in Konquest, Up, X, R2, Down, L2, X - Unlock Early Taven concept art, L1, Triangle, L2, L2, R1, Square - Unlock Blaze concept art, Triangle, Up, R2, L1, R1, R2 - Unlock Motor Gameplay Movie, R2, Right, Up, R1, Triangle, Up - Unlock Mileena's car design concept art

Saints Row Cheats (Xbox 360)
Phone Numbers: Cheats, Rides, Help, and Funny messages - Pause the game and press the L or R Trigger until you reach your phone. Select DIAL and enter one of the following numbers then press CALL. NOTE: The ( ) and - symbols are automatically entered for you, you just need the number. The only symbols you're required to enter are the # or * if contained in a number. Warning: The codes that have # in front of them are considered cheats and you won't get achievements doing this.

911 - Ambulance (Restores Health), #42637867 - Unlock Special GameStop T-Shirt Cheat, (555) 018-0174 - Eagleline Yellow (Taxi Service), 555-455-8008 - TNA Taxi Service, 555-5966 - Eye for an Eye Voodoo, 555-7296 - On the Fence (Pawn Shop), 555-6238 - The Dead Cow, 555-9467 - Legal Lee's, 555-9473 - Grounds for Divorce, #AMMO - Infinite Ammo, #10 - God's Wrath (lightning strikes randomly), 555-2626 - Stocks, 555-3765 - Brown Baggers, #SPRINT - Infinite Sprint, #Rocket - Enables "Give RPG Launcher", #AS12Riot - Enables "Give AS12 Riot", #12Gauge - Enables "Give 12 Gauge", #Tombstone - Enables "Give Tombstone", #T3KUrban - Enables "Give T3K Urban", #GDHC50 - Enables "Give GDHC .50", #Shepherd - Enables "Give .44 Shepherd", #NR4 - Enables "Give NR4", #Pipebomb - Enables "Give Pipe Bomb", #Molotov - Enables "Give Molotov Cocktail", #Grenade - Enables "Give Hand Grenade", #AQUA - spawn the Aqua car, #268 - Spawns an Ant, #fullhealth - Full Health, #shogun - Shogun in garage, #3373352623 - Enables "Give Fer De Lance", the best car in the game!, #Newman - Spawns "Newman" in your garage (Mail Truck), #Macanus - Gives you the "McManus" sniper rifle, #money - $1000 cash, #778 - Repairs the car you're in

Scarface: The World is Yours (PS2)
MEDIK - CHEAT: Refill Health, AMMO - CHEAT: Max Ammo, DONUT - CHEAT: Increase Cop Heat, FLYSTRT - CHEAT: Decrease Cop Heat, MARTHA - Weather Modifier: Change Time of Day, RAINY - Weather Modifier: Toggle Rain, SHAZAAM - Weather Modifier: Toggle Lightning, TUNEME - Music Track: "The World Is Yours", 666999 - Vehicle: Spawn Bacinari, DOZER - Vehicle: Spawn Bulldozer,k OLDFAST - Vehicle: Spawn Ariel MK III, BLACK - Clothing: Black Suit Tony, BLUESH - Clothing: Blue Suit Tony With Sunglasses, GRAY - Clothing: Gray Suit Tony, GRAYSH - Clothing: Gray Suit Tony With Sunglasses, TBURGLR - Repairs any vehicle player is currently driving, BUMMER - Spawn 4x4 Bodog Stampede, SANDY - Tan colored outfit, SANDYSH - Tan colored outfit w/sunglasses, HAWAII - Hawaii print/shirt, HAWAIIG - Hawaii print/shirt w/sunglasses, S13 - Mission Replay: Babylon Club Redux, SO7A - Mission Replay: Freedom Town Redux, S09 - Mission Replay: Nacho Contreras, A51 - Mission Replay: The Dock Boss, S10 - Mission Replay: Nacho's Tanker, S11 - Mission Replay: Un-Load, S12 - Mission Replay: Deliver, DW_frn - Mission Replay: Oakley Drive-In, WHITE - White suit Tony, WHITESH - White suit Tony with shades

Marvel Ultimate Alliance (Xbox 360)
These codes have to key-ed in in a relatively quick succession. The text in the brackets describe where they have to be entered. Some codes require that you press start at the end (you should hear a sound effect if you entered the code correctly) while some require that you enter them 2 to 3 times before they work. WARNING: All codes aside from the unlocking of Daredevil and Silver Surfer will cause you to no longer receive achievement points. Use at your own risk!

Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Start - Unlock all powers (Character Selection Screen), Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Down, Start - Unlock all costumes (Character Selection Screen), Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Left, Left, Start - All Character Code (Character Selection Screen), Up, Right, Left, Down, Up, Right, Left, Down
The Courses (Comic Book Mission), Left, Right, Right, Left, Up Up, Right - All Comics (Review Menu), Down, Down, Down, Right, Right, Left, Down - All Concept Art (Review Menu), Up, Left, Left, Up, Right, Right, Up - All Cinematics (Review Menu), Up Down, Right, Left, Up, Up, Down - All Wallpapers (Review Menu), Left, Right, Right, Left, Up, Down, Down, Up - Filler (In-game), Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Left, Down, Right - God Mode (In-game), Left, Right, Down, Down, Right, Left - Touch of Death (In-game), Up, Left, Up, Right, Down, Right - Super Speed (In-game), Up, Up, Up, Left, Right, Left - 100k (Team Menu), Up, Left, Up, Left, Down, Right, Down, Right - Level 99 (Team Menu), left, left, right, right, up, down, up, down - Unlock Daredevil, down, left, left, up, right, up, down, left - Unlock Silver Surfer

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