Saturday, July 22, 2006

Top 5 Games Coming Out Before November

Can Saints Row possibly dethrone the Grand Theft Auto franchise?

Yeah, I know. The title of this post is a little obtuse (look it up) but I started wondering about the quiet time between now and when the Wii and PS3 consoles are released in November. Will any great games be coming? As we get closer to November, we'll all be bombarded with more hype than another Angelina Jolie pregnancy, shouldn't we have some great games to play in the meantime?

Fear not! The gaming world has not forgotten about you! On the contrary, there are plenty of great titles (or at least potentially great titles) coming out in the next few months. Here are the Top 5 to keep an eye on.

1. Saints Row, August, Xbox 360 - Imagine Grand Theft Auto but with online play. Sweet! I have been waiting for this game for months (it was originally scheduled to come out in the Spring) and judging from all of the screen shots I've seen (see above) its worth the wait.

2. Scarface: The World is Yours, September, Xbox/PC/PS2 (Late 2006 for Xbox 360) - Don't tell me you don't want to shout out "Say hello to my little friend!!!" while blasting henchmen. Too bad Al Pacino isn't providing the voice for the video game version of Tony Montana.

3. Splinter Cell: Double Agent, September/October, PC/PS2/GC/360 - The Splinter Cell series is always solid and now gamers will get to use some of the co-op moves in the single-player mode.

4. Justice League Heroes, October, PSP/Xbox/DS/PS2 - An RPG where I can play as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern and others? Hand me my cape!

5. Reservoir Dogs, October, PC/PS2/Xbox - Normally video games based on movies are about as pleasant as a visit to the dentist but for this game, I'm willing to make an exception.

6. Cyberball, Tomorrow, Xbox Live Arcade - No, this arcade great isn't coming out on Xbox Live Arcade tomorrow. But it should be!

Honorable Mention: Dead Rising, August, Xbox 360 - looks promising but can a twist on the surival horror genre work; Star Trek Legacy, Sometime in late 2006, PC/Xbox 360 - Would easily make the top 5 if I knew it was going to be released in the next few months. A game that spans all of the Star Trek shows is this Trekkie's dream. And yes I have nerdy dreams.


JohnX said...

Yeah, I'm probably into racing games more than some people. Here is a list of games coming out before November (as of right now anyway...seems that all the games I plan to buy are delayed indefinitely...I.E. Painkiller and Warpath for XBOX.) :

Test Drive Unlimted
Flatout 2
Gears of War
World Racing 2
Origin of the Species (maybe)
Battlefield 2142 <-- can't believe you left this one off your list...
Madden 07 <---I'll have to see a demo first though

Terry "coloradojoe" Terrones said...

Ooops! I completely spaced out Battlefield...I didn't put Gears of War on the list because all of my sources are telling me its coming out in November...After playing thie years NCAA and last years disappointing version, I'm pretty leary of Madden...I'm not a huge racing game guy. They seem either too cartoony for my tastes or way too technical. That's probably why I liked PGR3 so much.

JohnX said...

My favorite racing/driving games are Flatout and Burnout: Revenge. I do play some more technical/realistic racing games as well such as Toca 3. In Toca, while you CAN set up a game to use car setups, you don't HAVE to. And you can adjust how the handling behaves and how realistic the damage is. So you have the option of making it a "just for fun" or a more intense driving skills game. That's what I enjoy. Versatility.