Monday, July 24, 2006

The Mole: Madden Sticks It To Gamers, Another Video Game Movie

Dig Deep - If giving gamers the option of dropping an extra $10 for a "Hall of Fame" edition whose main feature is a man who hasn't coached in nearly 30 years waxing poetic about his glory days wasn't enough of a sign that Madden will try anything to get every penny you got (exhale), maybe Madden on pay-per-view is.

No, the former Raiders coach won't be battling Hulk Hogan in a steel caged match. Instead, starting August 4th (and for only $19.95), what you get is an inside look at the new game and this years innovations from EA designers and some of the "best" Madden gamers.

As Samuel L. Jackson once said: Allow me to retort! I know how big Madden is, not just among gamers but with most pro athletes as well. Its a huge seller and after 17 years has reached legendary status among video games. All that being said, I really think EA is getting a little carried away with their own impression of how big Madden culture really is. I'm paying $20 to learn something about a game that comes out 3 weeks later?!? I'm paying $20 to listen to some dude who's greatest accomplishment in life is that he rode around a bus on a reality TV show playing video game football?!? I'm paying $20 to hear pro athletes complain about their rankings in the game?!? This is nuts!

The sad thing is, I'm actually interested. I always look forward to Madden and every gamer I know usually picks it up every year. But because EA wants to charge $20, it just makes them look greedy. Granted, I don't have to buy it (although I probably will using The Gazette's money so I can write a scathing running diary of it for the blog) but just the thought that someone believed this was a good idea is evidence of an ego way out of whack.

This should be free, plain and simple. Make it something gamers can access on the EA site, put it on Xbox Live as a free download. Just make it free. Gamers put $30-$60 into a game, a heck of a lot more than the cost of a CD (does anyone even buy these anymore?) or a ticket to a movie but movie and music fans are treated better by their respective artists. I'm getting tired of being gouged (see PS3 and now Madden) for being a gamer. Shouldn't a company, no matter what it makes, earn our money and not just expect us to hand it over because of their reputation? I think so.

Big Screen Tom Nook? - Oh yes, its time for another video game to movie port. What is it this time? Animal Crossing. No, you're eyes aren't playing tricks on you. ANIMAL CROSSING. The movie will be released in Japan this December, no word yet on if or when it will ever come to the States. If Animal Crossing is put on film, can a new Cyberball flick be too far behind?

Etc, Etc - The chinese paper Commercial Times reported that Asustek, the company running PS3 production will have the first run of consoles (about 200K) done by the end of July...Call of Duty 3 videos and screen shots are available at Friday Microsoft announced that as of their fiscal 4th quarter they have sold 5 millon Xbox 360's and it has 3 million Xbox Live users. It looks like Bill Gates' bold forecast of 10 million Xbox 360's sold before the PS3 comes out might come true.

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JohnX said...

I seem to be the only one making comments lately. I'm just bored at work really. Ok so here I go. If you buy that 19.95 video you'll probably be the only one. Well maybe a few other people who do reviews and can use someone else's money. I definitely wouldn't spend my own on it.