Sunday, May 04, 2008

GTA IV Cheats

Sick of GTA IV coverage yet? - Yeah, me too. But I couldn't pass up the chance to dish out some cheats and an Achievement guide. I don't like to use cheats myself (not my bag, I don't like risking my progress and getting my saves corrupted) but if that's your thing, check out the list below.
Cell Phone Passwords - At any time during the game, whip out Niko's phone and call these numbers. Cheats will affect missions and achievements.
482-555-0100: Restore health
362-555-0100: Restore armor
486-555-0100: Get a selection of weapons
486-555-0150: Get a different selection of weapons
267-555-0100: Remove wanted level
267-555-0150: Raise wanted level
468-555-0100: Change weather
359-555-0100: Spawn an Annihiliator
938-555-0100: Spawn a Jetmax
625-555-0100: Spawn an NRG-900
625-555-0150: Spawn a Sanchez
227-555-0100: Spawn an FIB Buffalo
227-555-0175: Spawn a Comet
227-555-0147: Spawn a Turismo
227-555-0142: Spawn a Cognoscenti
227-555-0168: Spawn a SuperGT
948-555-0100: Song information
Map Locations - Enter these password into the in game computers (head to any of the hilariously named tw@, their easy to find).
Password -
Effect - Weapon, health, armor, vehicle, pigeon, ramp/stunt, and entertainment locations
Achievement Guide - While I won't touch cheat codes, I have no problem with consulting a guide when I'm stuck. I recommend Gamespy's, its the best I've seen so far.

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