Friday, March 02, 2007

GTA IV baby, yeah!

Late yesterday afternoon I received a rather cryptic message from Rockstar with nothing but this logo and a clock counting down the days until the trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV is going to be viewable on the Rockstar website. The big day? March 29th. The rather simple email had the desired effect, I'm super curious and more desperate than a reality show contestant to know what the new GTA game is going to be like.
With no game cover to analyze like, my mind is left to wonder about the infinite possiblities my favorite franchise can bring to the next generation consoles. Needless to say (in a Dieter from "Sprockets" voice), I'm as happy as a little girl and looking forward to March 29th.


Anonymous said...

...can't wait. I am hoping your crackdown review isn't a comparison to games such as GTA and Saints Row...there is really no comparison since they are very different games. I like Crackdown, but don't see a ton of shelf life in it, with limited MP (only two players in a 'world' that vast?), and the 'spider monkey' climbing you do constantly...then factor in the 'once it's defeated, it's defeated' game play, it will get old (and yes, I know you can turn crimes on but it's not the same).

I give it a 'you'll enjoy it, you'll play it solid for a month, and then your done'.

But...hey - at least we have the H3 beta to fill the spring/summer slump with decent MP.


Terry "coloradojoe" Terrones said...

Comparisons to GTA and Saints Row are inevitable due to Crackdowns sandbox style of play but its not like any of those games at all. Its alot more fun than Saints but not nearly as good as GTA. A comparison to Spider-Man 2 is more appropriate.

Lately most games have been lasting no longer than a few weeks for me but we'll see how long. To be honest, unless the title is on a GTA or a Halo level, thats as long as a new game can last.

Right now Crackdown is getting heavy play because its the most enjoyable new game I have. Hopefully it doesn't end up like Lost Plant. It just quit holding my interest.

As for the Halo 3 beta, thats as good as a new release for me.