Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Reader Rant: Battlefield 2

Reader Robert Cloutier earns the
honor of being the first reader to get his rant posted (John X and Frosty you should be ashamed). He gets into BF2 a little late in the game but here's his rant on how it could be better.
I just started playing Battlefield 2 in November 2006. I know I came into it a little late, but I knew it was time I tried something else besides Counterstrike. I really enjoyed this game. It feels like your are on the battlefield working together to become victorious. Teamwork is a very important angle the game offers and to go alone, only lessens your chances to winning. Forming squads, and the team speak option allow you to communicate to others to set up attacks or to defend your base with honor. After showing this game to a few of my friends, we were soon on line and forming our own squad. Every night we would get on BF2 to explore new spots and frag anyone who called us noobs. After a few months of getting seasoned, I have begun to find the flaws of this game.
Certainly the most frustrating thing I've encountered are the Jets. They certainly have an unfair advantage. As a grunt on the ground, it is not very fun to get bombed every 2 minutes without being able to retaliate equally. While I feel they have a place in BF2, The jets should have to land at their own base to get resupplied rather than just fly over any base. I also think that the supply crates the commander uses to fix artillery and vehicles is unjust.We all know dropping a magic box from the sky can't fix anything without someone there. I believe only engineers should be able to repair items.
With the recent release of BF2142 , many veterans of BF2 have left the past to enter the future. With that said, the possibilities that EA Games/Dice would make any new changes to BF2 seem bleak. I guess it is not cost effective for a software company to invest in an older game. But my investment of $29.95 for this game was certainly worth the adrenaline filled nights on the battlefield.
Robert Cloutier


Anonymous said...

LOL! Once my job places me at home for an exteneded period...I'll be able to work up a rant or two.


JohnX said...

Shoot..I've got all kinds of them on my blog.