Saturday, March 08, 2008

I am a huge nerd

Do bears bare? Do bees be? - Saying I'm a huge nerd is like saying the sky is blue or water is wet, its a given. Not that you can tell by my normally manly appearance. Aside from wearing glasses I don't look like the average geek. I'm fairly athletic (I played three sports in high school) and I try to avoid wearing videogame shirts - except for my Fallout 3 shirt I got from E3 last year, that one is really comfortable. Basically on the outside I look like the average 30-something male, but just like every other man I have some nerd tendencies. Or as I like to call it, nerd itch. Every guy and I do mean every guy, has their dirty little inner nerd and occassionally that nerd must be scratched. Whether its stamps, coins, comic books, movies, train sets...every guy has something they like that they're probably not willing to share with the general public.
I'm a Star Wars, Star Trek, Sliders, Threshold, fantasy football, and videogame geek. I've been to a Star Trek convention (with my brother), the Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas, a Star Wars thingy (some big event in Denver when Episode I was coming out, again with my brother, we met the guy who plays C3PO!) and E3. And if I ever get a chance, I'd love to go to Comicon because I'm a huge comic book fan. As an adult, I've bought action figures, toys, played a videogame with plastic instruments with my son, purchased a special edition Halo 3 just so I could have the life sized Master Chief helmet and had my picture taken on the bridge of the Enterprise. Wow, that was theraputic.
Naturally, with the exception of this post, I try to keep my inner nerd hidden. There's only so many toys the wife will put up with before she kicks me to the curb but sometimes I just can't help myself. Today I was in my local GameCrazy, trading in the craptacular game Turning Point: Fall of What Could Have Been a Great Game when I saw the two items pictured above. I'm supposed to pass on the new McFarlane Master Chief figure and a new Warthog? No, my inner nerd wouldn't allow it. I left the store without a new game but happy anyway.
So here's my challenge to you dear reader. Tell me about your inner nerd. Share that goofy thing you like that you're just a little embarrased about but enjoy so much you'd never give it up. You can stay anonymous if you'd like but if I can admit my guilty pleasure, so can you. We can start our own support group or something. And if you regulars (Eli, John, Frosty, Phil, etc.) don't put up a post, I'll know you're lying.


Carlton said...

I, too, am a huge Nerd! I love all things Star Wars, and have this weird Darth Vader 3D sorta placard on my desk that I bought from a thrift store; I have a stash of comics from the early to mid 90's (including Spawn #1) alongside my DC Encyclopedia; there are glasses on my face and my room has so many books that its more like I'm a guest in their room! Also, I've been a fan of the Sci-Fi Channel since back when they started...though I wish they'd bring back Saturday morning Anime! And of course...I love games. That's almost all I talk about...when not jabbering on about the Force or something or the evils of a Jar-Jar...

FrostyMelon said...

Star Wars...I have boxes of Star Wars items back home. Anything from sets of the old trading cards, to the action figures on down...

Anonymous said...

i can quote any simpsons episode at show ever!


Eli the Mad (Beer) Man said...

Tell me about your inner nerd.

Well, you've been to my house, so you know I'm all kinds of nerd. And if you're a poster child for non-geekiness, then I must be the Conan. ;)

You've seen the 30+ long boxes of comics I still have (which is my second collection). I've been to and sold at the San Diego Comic-con a few times. I worked at a comic shop for years and almost bought the sucker.

And like everyone else it seems (thus the reason why I'm not embarrased by it, or any of it really)... I'm a huge Star Wars geek. You've seen the boxes of SW stuff, the rolls of posters, un-cut card sheets, action figures, books, comics, scripts, etc., etc. I know quite a few of the authors and artists behind the SW novels and comics. I'm even a character in one of the comic mini-series. And I've been deemed as the creator of the first online SW forum (

To top it all off - I'm a gamer and beer geek too! So ya... big ole geek in the house! ;)