Sunday, November 19, 2006

Want a PS3? Bring your Nunchaku!

As expected, the PS3 sold out quickly on opening day this Friday. And no, I didn't get one either despite pushing little kids down to the ground and biting three security guards (Getting a Wii this morning, however, was considerably easier). Geesh! The nerve of some people. Of course my antics are nothing compared to some of the loons who were running around early Friday morning.

Idiot #1 - According to a report from Lexington, Kentucky's WKYT 27, four people were shot with BB pellets, including the TV station's reporter. No one was severely injured by the drive-by shooting. Police are still investigating the situation and looking for suspects. Lexington Police will be staying at the Best Buy to make sure campers are safe.

Idiot #2 - 15 to 20 people waiting in line at a Putnam, Connecticut Wal-Mart were robbed by two teenagers in ski masks brandishing a handgun and shotgun, according to the Associated Press. The robbers arrived around 3:00AM and demanded money from the crowd.
"One of the patrons resisted. That patron was shot," said state policeman Lt. J. Paul Vance.
The gunmen took off shortly after and the victim was taken to University of Massachusetts Medical Center in Worcester. The victim's condition is still unknown at this point.

Idiot #3 - This one was word of mouth from my brother-in-law. Evidently a man was attacked after purchasing a PS3 outside the mall in Manchester, N.H. The only thing the thief grabbed was his PS3.

So, lets recap. There are some crazy people in the world out there and evidently some of them are gamers (although I doubt any of these jerks are gamers, we're a little to laid-back for something like this). Watch your back, bring a buddy (armed witha shotgun) with you to pick up your new prize or have a store clerk walk you to your car. And please don't be dumb enough to sit in your car in the parking lot, checking out your new system. Gawk at home. Now if thats too much work for you do this right after you buy your system: take off your shirt, whip out some Nunchaku and swing them over your head and start yelling like you've just seen Bea Arthur naked. That should guarantee you get left alone.

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