Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A good Star Trek game? I hope so.

Bethesda Softworks recently announced that a new Star Trek game, Star Trek: Legacy, will be released for the Xbox 360 sometime this fall. Like most Trekkies, I have been incredibly disappointed by the lame games that have come out bearing the Star Trek license but this one looks promising.

No word yet on how exactly the gameplay will work but "Legacy" will be the first Star Trek game to cover the entire series timeline from Archer to Picard and everything in between. I hoped to get more information about the games release, so I interviewed Captain Kirk himself to see if I could get more information. Here's the transcript of our conversation:

Me: Captain Kirk, what a pleasure to meet you!

Kirk: mine.

Me: Captain, can you tell me about the new "Star Trek: Legacy" game? Will you be battling Klingons? How often will your shirt get ripped? Any battles to the death with Mr. Spock? Will you continue to meet old flames at every port of call?

Kirk: I'm afraid...that confidential. In did you...get ship?

Me: Uhura said I could have a few moments of your time for an interview. You're kind of possessive about your ship aren't you?

Kirk: I don't...remember...clearing any interview...with Starfleet Command. Security!

Me: Oh come on! You don't mean one of those guys in a red shirt do you? I can take care of those guys, I watch the show.

(Mr. Spock then sneaks up on me and knocks me out with a Vulcan Nerve Pinch.)

Kirk: This over.

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